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          Infographic | 11 Indispensable maritime logistics companies online

          Infographic | 11 Indispensable maritime logistics companies online

          If you are involved in maritime logistics, if you are an industry professional, or even if you are just a beginner on the subject, it is likely that some of these names sound familiar.  Here is an infographic with 11 heavyweights of logistics information, 11 indispensable maritime logistics companies online to keep you up to date on industry news. If you want to be the one in your office or your group of colleagues who is always the first to know, create a new bookmark folder on your computer or cell phone and make sure these 11 sites are there. Following them on Twitter is also a great option.

          Everything to do with shipping, ports, laws, taxes, international maritime trade, logistics, the supply chain, technology and innovation, containers… everything a logistics professional needs to know to stay up to date!

          infographic maritime logistics companies

          And here is our list of the top 11 giants of logistics information:

          1. Inbound Logistics  Offers a broad vision of logistics, including storage issues and the supply chain, in addition to transport and maritime shipments. It is the leader in logistics; you can subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Twitter.

          2. Port Technology  A highly regarded technical publication published quarterly about ports, terminals, containers, and docks. The online version keeps readers fully abreast of developments in the sector. As the name suggests, it emphasizes the changes that the new technologies are introducing in maritime logistics.

          Their Twitter account, @PortTechnology, is highly recommended.

          3. Splash 24 / 7  This highly specialized English site is also responsible for Maritime CEO. It offers current news by journalists from the industry and interviews with relevant leaders in the field. You can also read complete editions of Maritime CEO and other magazines specializing in this sector such as SinoShip.

          4.Marine Insight. Ebooks, resources, news and articles about all of the Trending Toplics from the maritime industry. Their Twitter account, @MarineInsight, is high quality and publishes news of interest, but also curiosities somewhat off the record of the industry.

          5. International Transport Forum  The International Transport Forum is the only website from this list that is not primarily a news medium. It is an intergovernmental organization made up of 57 countries whose mission is to develop transport policies and research ways to improve people’s lives.

          They offer relevant information about the present and future of the sector, above all, the issue of environmental responsibility, infrastructure, and technology. They produce high quality reports regularly.

          We recommend following Olaf Merk on Twitter. He is the Port and Shipping Manager of this organization and probably one of the biggest social media influencers of the industry.

          6. Logistics Manager  A monthly English magazine for managers in charge of logistics operations and the supply chain in the retail, industrial and commercial organization sector.

          7. Trade Winds  Since its first publication in 1990, this magazine has won numerous awards for its in-depth, high quality reports on the transport and shipping industry.

          8. World Maritime News  Maritime industry news from around the world, organized by geographic regions and themes. They cover all aspects of the maritime industry, including tariffs and international trade regulations.

          9. Journal of Commerce Port News  News and analysis of global seaports, with a focus on international trade and shipping.

          10. All About Shipping  This English medium has chosen its name well; everything that you can imagine about shipping is on this website: maritime safety, the environment, organizations, professional aspects, piracy, tourism, associations …

          11. American Shipper Based in Florida, American Shipper covers global logistics with b2b media, including everything related to supply chains, technology, transportation, suppliers, markets, and more. Highly recommended webinars and comprehensive reports. Subscription to their printed magazine available.

          We hope we have helped you discover new sources of quality information and you find them as useful and really up to date in maritime logistics as we do!

          Do you have a shipment in mind? Get your quote now