Choose the best Incoterm for your exports and imports in 2021

This guide will help exporters and importers, covering the main Incoterms used in ocean freight. Learn what these Incoterms implies, and which option is safe or competitive depending on the situation.

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Chosen Incoterm will affect...

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    The final price of the goods. Some shippers offer better prices under specific Incoterms.

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    Who owns the cargo in each step of the shipment. This implies control over the costs and times, and which part can speed up the shipment against delays.

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    Disputes and claims; Incoterms will be used to resolve disagreements in case of unforeseen events.

What’s in this guide?

The final Incoterm selected will determine which part is responsible for each step in the transport process. It is crucial to have in mind which interests we need to cover (time, costs, service…) in the negotiation. Many factors must be considered, and they can impact the competitiveness of your international shipment.