How to manage separate shipments with iContainers

How to manage separate shipments with iContainers

How to manage separate shipments with iContainers

As a seasoned shipper, it’s not uncommon to be dealing with separate ocean freight shipments made with different carriers at any given time. This usually means having to manage different reservation numbers, freight forwarders, and shipping lines.

If you’re a registered iContainers user, you may manage your separate shipments on one single page without having to locate reservation numbers or make any phone calls.

All-in-one view

As an iContainers client, you can view the details of all your bookings on one single page. There’s no need to log into the different accounts you have with different shipping lines in order to check on your booking status. This is what your ‘My Bookings’ tab looks like.

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Tip: You can view past bookings as well as current bookings.

Upload your documents online

You may upload and manage all the paperwork online. Under “Documents & Files” in the “My Bookings” tab, you get a breakdown of the list of documents you need to upload, reminders of what needs to be submitted, and options to hire additional services.

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Tip: We provide you with downloadable templates for the documents you need to submit.

Track & Trace

Our Track & Trace feature allows you to follow the status of all your reservations and their corresponding shipments and containers in one single glance. You may do so in the “Track & Trace” tab in your account.

how to manage separate shipments painlessly t&t2 image

Clicking on the “Track & Trace” option next to each shipment will take you to a more detailed overview of the shipment status measured by events and milestones. For more information on how to use our container tracking service, please read our article on container tracking

Everything you need to know about your shipment status is condensed into one page. With this, you can anticipate the unanticipated and respond faster to changes.

how to manage separate shipments painlessly t&t image

Tip: Based on our comprehensive timeline, you can adjust your supply chain accordingly in the event of unanticipated delays.

Automated instant notifications system

Our automated instant notifications feature allows you to automatically track your shipment status in real-time and proactively. As an iContainers client, you will receive emails containing detailed and precise information about your shipment. This is provided throughout the entire ocean freight process. You are notified the second your shipment reaches a milestone.

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