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Ocean Freight to Brazil

Ocean FCL
Ocean LCL

Ocean freight shipping to Brazil

iContainers offers quotes to ship containers and groupages with ocean freight to Brazil with several shipping carriers/lines both for export and import. Check our rates by using our shipping calculator or clicking on the port you are interested in.

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to Brazil

When shipping cargo to Brazil, you must consider whether to fit it in a 20-foot or 40-foot container. And this will depend on your cargo volume. A 20-foot container fits 10 standard pallets, whereas a 40-foot container can fit 22. If your cargo volume takes up at least half a shipping container space, we recommend you to ship FCL - a full container load. This is also the better option if you need to keep your merchandise separated from other exporters’ goods.

A cost-effective alternative is to ship LCL, or less-than-container load. This is generally the more recommended option if you have fewer than six standard pallets and you’re willing to share a container with other exporters. For LCL, you pay only for the shipping space you use. For more container shipping rates and information, you may consult consult iContainers.

Ocean freight ports in Brazil

Port of Santos

The Port of Santos is the main seaport in Brazil for imports and exports for international container shipping with origin or destination Spain.

According to the latest ranking of regional ports published by Latin Business Chronicle, the Port of Santos is the largest container cargo terminal in South America, followed by Colon (Panama) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). The area of influence of this seaport stands for 55% of the GDP of Brazil, influencing directly the provinces of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Paraná and other countries of Mercosur. The most important Brazilian industrial areas are concentrated in the agricultural production with 49% of national production that serves 45% of the Brazilian market.

Ship container to Santos

Port of Rio de Janeiro

The Port of Rio de Janeiro is a seaport located in the city of the same name and is considered to be the third-busiest port in the country.

Besides cargo, the port is also popular as a cruise destination. The entire portis nearly 7km long and has a 883m-long pier. The external warehouses serving the port covers more than 65,000m2 and can store 13,000 tons of merchandise.

Ship container to Rio de Janeiro

Port of Fortaleza

Fortaleza Port is a port city located in Brazil’s northeastern Ceara state. As a man-made port, it’s also commonly known as the Harbor of Mucuripe and is one of the most strategic ports in Brazil.

Its strategic location gives it direct access to North America and Europe across the Atlantic. The port’s main exports are fruits, mainly bananas, mangoes, papayas, coconuts, and watermelons, which are exported to Europe.

Ship container to Fortaleza

Port of Paranaguá

The deepwater Port of Paranaguá is located in Brazil’s southern state of Paraná and is one of the most important exporting port of agricultural products of the country.

It’s considered to be Latin America’s biggest bulk port, and currently, its main exports are soybeans, corn, salt, sugars, fertilizers, poultry meat, alcohols, and vehicles.

Our ocean freight services to Brazil

iContainers provides the most efficient and professional ocean freight services to Brazil. We operate from many different ports located in all parts of the world, including those in:

  • USA
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • UAE

What our ocean freight rates to Brazil include

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For more information, consult ship container rates for your ocean freight to Brazil here.

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