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Ocean Freight to Guayaquil

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Ocean freight shipping to Guayaquil

Santiago de Guayaquil is one of the largest cities in Latin America and lies alongside the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Agriculture, aquaculture, and trade are its most economically significant activities - not least because the greater part of the country’s national and international businesses are headquartered in this city. Ocean freight to Guayaquil is vitally important to Ecuador. Its sea port features important infrastructure for the handling of imports and exports. Its facilities move a good portion of the country’s foreign-trade goods, valued in the neighbourhood of $45 million annually.

Ecuador is a member of a large number of international trade organizations, and recently signed a commercial treaty with the European Union. Its economic growth is sustained, and has advanced in a surprising manner, including during the economic crisis of the past few years. All of this makes ocean freight to Guayaquil an option of great interest to Spanish exporters.

Information about the Port of Guayaquil

The sea port of Guayaquil is managed by APG (the Guayaquil Port Authority). Its quays move 70 percent and over 80 percent of the country’s exports and imports respectively, which makes it one of the most important port facilities in the Pacific. Its traffic exceeds a million TEUs annually.

Contecon Guayaquil S.A. manages a container terminal and a multi-purpose terminal, each with four or five piers and ample warehouse space capable of handling general cargo, refrigerated cargo, multipurpose cargo, and dangerous cargo, among others.

Andipuerto Guayaquil S.A. manages a terminal for the handling of liquid and solid bulk goods, as well as a multi-purpose warehouse space.

Alternatives to your ocean freight to Guayaquil

Guayaquil aside, there are many other ports nearby that can be an alternative to your ocean freight to Ecuador such as Port of Callao, the Port of Valparaiso and the Port of Iquique.

Ship container to Callao

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Ship container to Iquique

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to Guayaquil

Before you book your ocean freight to Guayaquil, we recommend that you examine the two available options - full container (FCL) or shared container (LCL).

A full container load (FCL) provides you with a container for your exclusive use. This is especially useful if you require your goods to be isolated from those of other exporters, in order to avoid any type of risk of damage or impact on your shipment of problems with others’ goods (for example, if the container is detained for customs inspection).

As well, if the volume of your shipment is between 11 and 25 europallets (each europallet has dimensions of 1.2m x 0.8m) or 10 and 21 standard pallets or its multiples (the size of each standard American pallet is 39.37 inches wide and 47.24 inches long), you will enjoy the greatest cost efficiency for your transport dollar, since this is the exact respective maximum capacity of the 20-foot container and 40-foot containers that you will have at your disposal.

Conversely, if your shipment does not fill at least half a container, we recommend that you opt for “groupage” (LCL). This means sharing a container with other exporters in a way that requires you to pay only for the transport capacity you use, representing great cost-saving.

For more information on container shipping rates on iContainers, and get in contact with us.

What our ocean freight rates to Guayaquil include


For more information, please consult ship container rates for your ocean freight to Guayaquil here.

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