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iContainers is an online logistics platform optimized to help your business easily access the global trade environment. We digitalize international freight forwarding services to simplify global logistics & facilitate trade.

How much does it cost to ship a container to or from Europe?

Exporting to Europe:


Shipping containers to Europe

If you are thinking of shipping a container of goods to Europe via ocean freight, iContainers offers you two options: full (FCL) or shared (LCL or also known as groupage) containers. Get a quote for shipping containers to Europe via our online platform. Compare the most competitive rates, book and track your shipment with complete transparency.

The most popular routes for sending containers to Europe

If you would like to know more about the shipping routes that carry goods to Europe, keep on reading. There are various popular routes for sending containers by number of TEUs to or from Europe. The most used is the one that links Asia with Northern Europe from the west:

Top trade routes from / to Europe (TEU shipped) 2013

RouteWest BoundEast BoundNorth BoundSouth BoundTOTAL
Asia - North Europe9,187,0004,519,000--13,706,000
Asia - Mediterranean4,678,0002,061,000--6,739,000
North Europe - North America2,636,0002,074,000--4,710,000
North Europe/Mediterranean-East Coast South America--795,000885,0001,680,000

Source: Trade Routes – World Shipping Council

Numerous shipping lines operate on these routes. Of them, the most used route to Europe is the Far East – Mediterranean, which has 31 services:

North Europe - Far East28
Far East - Mediterranean31
North Europe - North America23
Mediterranean - North America21
Europe - Mid- East/ South Asia40

Note:Some services might have been counted for more than one route.

Source: Drewry Container Forecaster Q1 & Q2 2013

Thanks to our quote generator, you do not need to contact shipping lines or any middlemen. In less than 15 seconds we provide you with the best rates for sending containers to Europe.

Which European ports are specialised in containers?

Of the 100 most important ports for handling containers, 15 are located in Europe:


23Bremen PortsGermany5.796
31Algeciras - La LineaSpain4.457
46Gioia TauroItaly3.062
58Le HavreFrance2.554
81SouthamptonUnited Kingdom1.662
95La SpeziaItaly1.301

Source: Top 100 ports in the world 2014 - World Shipping Council

Necessary documentation for sending containers to Europe

In this guide for the procedure and exportation documents (website in Spanish), created by the Information Services Department at ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, you can check everything you need to do to send a container to Europe. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our exportation experts at iContainers.

Selecting the Incoterm that you are going to use when sending your goods to Europe is one of the most important steps.

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