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Venezuela Shipping Requirements

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Updated on 27 Dec 2023
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Shipping to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela requires knowing a bit about the Venezuela Shipping Requirements. To help you with this process iContainers has compiled the most necessary customs information to assist you in your international shipping to Venezuela.

General Import Regulations

Shipping documentation should be presented to Venezuelan customs no later than 6 working days after arrival of the shipment in the port of destination. It is also required that all customs documents be provided in Spanish or have a Spanish translation included. Make sure that all information is provided correctly as misrepresentations and omissions may result in fines.

Imported goods are subject to a 9% Value Added Tax (VAT) and a customs handling charge of 1% of the FOB charge. A luxury tax may also be added to certain items and ranges this tax ranges between 10-20% of the value of the product.

Commercial Invoice

Venezuela uses the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement to determine the value of goods that are subject to ad valorem duties. In this way, the customs value can be evaluated in 6 way, which include:

  1. Transaction Value
  2. Transaction value of identical goods
  3. Transaction value of similar goods
  4. Deductive value
  5. Computed value
  6. Fall-back method

Import Permits

General goods do not require import permits, however certain agricultural products and food imports do require such permits. Special permits are also required for items regulated for health and safety reasons such as weapons, drugs chemicals and explosives. Some items are also prohibited from being imported such as used clothes, used automobiles and used tires.

Commercial Invoice

A single commercial invoice is required for all items in the shipment. This invoice must include:

  • The invoice number
  • Place and date of issue
  • Seller’s name and address
  • Buyer’s name and address
  • Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) number for every item listed
  • Detailed description of goods for every item
  • FOB cost for each line item
  • Unit price
  • Currency
  • Quantity
  • Total FOB value of the transaction
  • Freight charges listed separately
  • Insurance charges listed separately
  • Total CIF value of the transaction
  • Transaction Incoterm and corresponding place of delivery
  • Other reference numbers

It is important to provide at least two original typed and signed commercial invoices in Spanish to be forwarded to the consignee and the consignee’s agent.

Certificate of Origin

A certificate of origin is typically not required when goods are being shipped from the United States. However, if the importer requires such documentation consular legalization is required.

Product Packaging/Labeling

Product packaging should be in Spanish and should include the product name, name and address of the manufacturer and of the importer, contents and ingredients, description of goods, measurements in metric units and instructions. Stickers are also acceptable.

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