How long does it take for your freight forwarder to provide you with a quote

How long does it take for your freight forwarder to provide you with a quote

We are very aware of the slowness and the lack of responsiveness and flexibility in the quoting process of ocean freight shipping in its most traditional patterns. In fact, that was what we had in mind when we came up with the idea of our platform when our founders lost a client who could not be immediately offered several options for shipping merchandise.

We wanted to put numbers to this reality, since we are introducing a disruptive change in an outdated industry that has not adapted to the possibilities of new technologies. Yes, but there is still much to be done.

Our web platform is a pioneer in offering instant rates online. Today there are only 2 or 3 other companies in the world that do something similar. We offer a complete and itemized listing on an average of 15 seconds .

But … how much time does it take our offline peers to do the same?

We checked , and we submitted quote requests to 40 of the best known freight forwarders of our country .

The procedure was as follows:

  • We put ourselves in the place of our customers and called 40 freight forwarders.

  • We requested a quote for various services, including a door to door shipment.

  • Noted the response time for each forwarder.

  • We also noted those who simply did not answer, or those who are still working today to offer a simple quote.

  • We then analyze the data.

The results reveal how crucial is our technology’s contribution to the world of international ocean transport:


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