Why is our new Door-to-Door ocean freight service from/to China so important?

Why is our new Door-to-Door ocean freight service from/to China so important?

The total value of all US trade in goods with China reached nearly $600B last year. That’s $116B in exports and $481B in imports - the largest-ever amount for US-China trade in a single year. (Source: census.gov - US Foreign Trade).

This trend continues to grow year on year, having nearly doubled in the last seven years. The fastest-growing segments include electronics (computers, mobile phones, broadcasting equipment, etc), furniture, and other large manufactured goods, items that require strict care to avoid damage during transportation.

Our new door-to-door service

However, until today, coordinating and executing the logistics of bringing goods to and from China remain an extremely complex and expensive process. It involves many vendors, fees and potential pitfalls along the way. Depending on the specific needs and type of shipment, collecting quotes and navigating customs proves to be a minefield. One that tests the patience of a saint, and that’s just getting from port-to-port.

Delivering shipments directly to your doorstep is a whole new ballgame. With the new Door-to-Door Ocean Freight Service, iContainers become your single point of contact. That begins from the moment your shipment leaves the factory and lasts until it arrives at its final destination. We handle all documentation and customs procedures in both the port of origin and destination. That results in a much more fluid and effective experience for you.

Instant door-to-door shipping quotes to/from Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest and most important port in the world, trading more than 35 million TEUs in 2014 (source: Lloyd’s list). Comprised of three smaller ports, it’s possibly the most complex port in the world. These ports are: Wusongkuo, Waigaoqiao and the deepwater port of Yangshan, which include both sea and fluvial access points. Each of these ports contains a large number of terminals. For example, the Coal Branch handles coal, sand and gravel. The Zhanghuabang Company works with steel, iron, and heavy cargo. And Baoshan Terminal Branch receives mostly general cargo and bulk shipments.

The Shanghai Municipal Government owns the Shanghai International Port, which is a public company. Do not leave the navigation of the port to chance. If you’re sending or receiving goods through Shanghai, click here to receive your instant door-to-door quote.

Importing From Asia In 2022

Discover how to import or export from/to China, India or Vietnam and avoid delays on your cargo. Includes Incoterms and documents.

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"Customs duties play an important role in your international shipment. How they're determined and calculated varies from country to country"

Klaus Lydsal, vice president of operations at iContainers