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We bring you King Abdullah, the port of the future

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Updated on 06 Mar 2024
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Launched in 2014, King Abdullah Port (KAP) is Saudi Arabia’s newest port facility. It’s been growing and improving ever since and is already targeting to be one of the 10 largest ports in the near future.

King Abdullah Port: The best infrastructure

King Abdullah Port has over 30 docks (some with more than 18 m depth) equipped with large cranes.

Designed to handle the largest ships of our time (19,000 TEU).

Besides featuring top-class infrastructure, the port also has the following advantages:

  • Local costs at King Abdullah Port are approximately $300 cheaper than the Jeddah port.
  • Both ports have the same legal and customs procedures. That means that the same customs agents can handle the KAP’s delivery at no extra charge.
  • Dry shipment usually takes 12 days to clear customs and delivered to the Jeddah port. At KAP, this process is reduced to two days, with no additional costs for storage.
  • Container inspection faces no additional costs for inspecting containers. They are automatically scanned when unloading.
  • It has a well-connected highway to Jeddah, Mecca, and their surrounding areas.

Prime location

Strategically located on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast, KAP is often promoted as the gateway to the Middle East. It also lies directly on the main Asia-Europe trunk line, giving it the potential to reduce East-West transshipment times up to a week.

Despite being located around 95 km north of Jeddah, the costs of inland transport are the same as that from the port of Jeddah to the storage areas and their surroundings as the use of trucks are restricted within the city.

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