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          (VIDEO) Why agents can benefit from iContainers to develop their network and business growth

          (VIDEO) Why agents can benefit from iContainers to develop their network and business growth

          When working with a freight forwarding company like iContainers, the entire ocean freight process is made easier. Some get confused and believe that the freight forwarder and shipping agent are one and the same. Although they work hand-in-hand with each other, they are completely different.

          Role of shipping agents

          An essential part of the shipping process is the shipping agent. Having an agent at the destination is key to making sure your ocean freight shipment goes smoothly. In simple terms, the shipping agent is a liaison between the shipper and the port of destination. It is almost like you have a friend at the port watching your back.

          The freight forwarder plans, coordinates, monitors and leads all operations necessary for the transport and international freight logistics. While they arrange the import and export of goods, the shipper still holds the bulk of the responsibility. As a forwarder, maintaining current knowledge of relevant legislation, political situations and other factors that could affect the movement of shipments is important. There is a lot to know when shipping overseas and using a forwarder makes it a bit easier; they know all of the rules and regulations.

          The traditional relationship between the freight forwarder and the shipping agent is changing. Online freight forwarding companies like iContainers are creating a new norm. Watch this quick video explaining how agents can benefit from a freight forwarding company for a complete overview of our services, current markets, and how to register yourself as an agent.

          Video transcript:

          Hello, thanks for visiting iContainers’ YouTube channel. My name is Roberto Laurino and I’m the director of Global Business Development at iContainers.

          The company was founded back in 2008 by two entrepreneurs in Spain and currently employs around 60 people. The headquarters is based in Barcelona in Spain and also we have offices in Miami in Rotterdam and also the Dominican Republic as a joint venture. Our mission here at iContainers is to become the first 100% full online freight forwarder where you can get quotes online, place your bookings online, and have ease and peace with your shipment.

          My responsibilities with iContainers are to create new markets and also evaluate the markets that we currently have business with. We deal with agents worldwide and currently we offer door-to-door rates from China, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, and Emirates. At the moment, we have more than 500,000 routes and rates available online.

          Agents can benefit from our online platform because they can place a booking online without any hassle. Also, the rates are available 247 and can be quoted to your customer in your own time zone. Also, we have our own agents department which can assist you in order to grow our business. And all operations in iContainers are done by our own people, we do not sub-contract.

          Here we have iContainers’ homepage we are going to register for your account. First, you have to click on the register button which is going to lead you to this page where you are going to select “agent” and here you are going to add your company details.

          Then you’re going to select these two fields where you will be complying with our privacy policy and terms and conditions and then finally press register.

          Once the registration is activated you are going to be required to fill out a couple more things. Once you have entered your company details to complete registration, you have to select the country that you operate in. Confirm the services your company offers and advice if you are a member of WCA. Confirm the countries that you operate in. If you operate only in one country you will repeat. And also advice if you handle household goods shipments. Once that is done, you can complete registration. And now you will be ready to go and check all our rates online and also place a booking.

          Thanks for watching this video. I hope you have found it helpful. If you have any questions or if you would like to do business with iContainers, please go and visit our website at http://www.icontainers.com.

          Peak Season 2020

          Dive into the factors affecting this year’s peak season and their impact, as well as the advice and tips needed to begin planning your shipment.

          Peak Season 2020 eBook
          Klaus Lydsal

          "Shippers should plan as far in advance as possible. With COVID, Brexit and the elections in USA, this season will be more unpredictable than the previous one."

          Klaus Lydsal, vice president of operations at iContainers