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US to Netherlands shipping times

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Updated on 10 Jan 2024
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US to Netherlands shipping times

If you’re planning an ocean freight shipment to the Netherlands, one of the – if not the – key issues is the shipping time. The Netherlands is home to Europe’s largest and busiest port – the port of Rotterdam. That said, it’s no wonder that most of the US shipments to the Netherlands arrive here or the port of Amsterdam. Depending on the departure port in the US, a shipment could take anywhere from eight to 53 days.

The US is the fourth largest supplier of goods to the Netherlands, behind Germany, Belgium and China. In 2015, it exported $36.3 billion worth of goods, registering a 1.6% increase from the year before. The top five US ports that export to the Netherlands are Charleston Port, Norfolk Port, Newark Port, Savannah Port and Los Angeles Port. In total, these five ports handled over 10,000 shipments to the Netherlands in 2016. This represents 91.37% of the 11,676 US to Netherlands shipments.

Top 5 US ports with most shipments to Netherlands (2016)

  1. Charleston Port (TEUs: 9,083.66)
  2. Norfolk Port (TEUs: 9,556.20)
  3. Newark Port (TEUs: 7,101.00)
  4. Savannah Port (TEUs: 3,258.40)
  5. Port of Los Angeles (TEUs: 2,127.60)

Total shipments from US – Netherlands (2016): 11,676

In general, these are some things you should keep in mind if you’re shipping to the Netherlands:

  • As a rule of thumb, the minimum Netherlands shipping times is eight days.
  • Given the geographical distances, shipments departing from US East Coast ports have a shorter shipping time than West Coast ports.
  • The shipping time, be it long or short, has no effect on the freight price. An ocean freight shipment with a shorter transit time may be cheaper than one with a longer transit time.
  • Always add a few days of buffer when considering your Netherlands shipping times in the event of possible complications.

In this post, we’ve created an infographic based on the US to Netherlands shipping times in order to help you better organize your ocean freight.


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