Why should we export to China?

It’s no secret that the People’s Republic of China is an economic powerhouse, and has one of the most important markets in the world. China is a major importer of such commodities as medical equipment, food, and chemical products as well. The development of China’s domestic consumer market is a priority for the country’s government, as evidenced in the abolishment of its one-child policy in 2016. Exporting to China is therefore a gateway to exciting commercial opportunities.


In the past decade, China has become both more open, and more compliant with international trade practices. It represents unprecedented opportunities for those seeking access to a huge and rapidly developing market. If you’re an exporter, then learning more about how to export to China should be a priority.

How to export to China via ocean freight

One of the most popular ways to carry out any export to China is with ocean freight transportation. With ocean freight to China, you may choose from FCL shipping and LCL shipping, as well as the different container types available. Having access to such a wide array of choices allows you to adjust your export accordingly to obtain the best price and services to suit your needs.

Ship containers for your export to China

Working with iContainers for your export to China gives you access to the rich network of ports as we work with many ports, including top ports Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Transit times and rates will all depend on the port of origin, as well as the finer shipping details. With China’s long coastline, many of the key ports are very strategically placed, providing you with basically endless options to ship containers to China.

How to book a shipment for your export to China

With iContainers , booking a your export to China is easier than ever. Before starting make sure you know your port/country of origin, desired destination port in China, the container size, and whether you’ll be opting for FCL shipping or LCL shipping. All this information will help you obtain the most accurate shipping quote.

Once you’ve input this information, you’ll have to choose your ideal shipping rate and route. These will vary according to the transit time and carrier. The next step will be to select any additional or optional services you’ll require to facilitate your shipment. Once that’s done, all you have to do is complete payment, and we will be in touch with to confirm your booking and finalize your shipment details.

iContainers operates in the US, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, or UAE, iContainers operates in these places to assist you with your export to China. Plus, we offer door-to-door services to China from these areas.

Top 10 products to export to China

Product Value
Crude petroleum $102B
Integrated circuits $98.3B
Gold $51.2B
Iron ore $47.4B
Cars $42.7B
Soybeans $32.1B
LCDs $31B
Telephones and computers $28.8B
Vehicle parts $25.6B
Planes and helicopters $21B

Top 10 countries that export to China

Country Value
United States $122B
South Korea $121B
Japan $120B
Germany $83.7B
Australia $65.4B
Malaysia $37.3B
Brazil $36.9B
Russia $30.3B
Switzerland $29.8B
Singapore $29.3B