Shipping insurance

Shipping insurance

Shipping insurance

iContainers recommends always purchasing shipping insurance to protect you and your merchandise from the unexpected. Whether you’re sending your shipment via FCL shipping or LCL shipping, it is extremely important to purchase shipping insurance. All shipping lines are obliged to offer shipping insurance but their coverage is usually minimal. It is therefore wise to purchase extra insurance as a precaution.

The price of shipping insurance varies according to the value of the goods to be sent, which you can calculate online during the booking process with iContainers.

What’s covered with shipping insurance?

Our shipping insurance covers any damage cargo may suffer due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the cargo’s owner control. These include sea accidents, shipwrecks, piracy, etc.), provided that the goods are properly packed according to their nature, the trip and the mode of transportation.

What’s excluded from shipping insurance?

Shipping insurance DOES NOT cover any damage incurred due to inadequate packing without considering common loading/unloading operations that the goods may suffer during the trip (exposure to extreme temperatures, movement during the load, unload, transportation, etc).

Keep in mind that shipping nsurance does not cover goods that get damaged as a result of excessive shipping times, regardless of any ship delays.

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"Customs duties play an important role in your international shipment. How they're determined and calculated varies from country to country"

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