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iContainers goes to Netherlands

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Updated on 10 Jan 2024
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iContainers in Rotterdam

iContainers is a digital platform that’s leading the future of ocean freight. Our online search engine helps to optimize results and manage shipment. Equipped with a revolutionary technology, we have assisted over 5,000 clients with saving time and money.

In our continuing efforts to expand, we’re now proud to announce the opening of our new office in Rotterdam! The launch of this new Netherlands branch is a significant step in our plan to be present in the world’s main logistics hubs.

Already, we have offices in Barcelona, Miami, and Ahmedabad. Our new Rotterdam office paves the way for developing our commercial network in northern Europe. That said, we will be expanding our routes, products, and services which translate into improved service and quality to our customers seeking commercial shipments to and from Europe.

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Why Rotterdam?

In setting up a new branch of a logistics company, there’re many reasons as to why Rotterdam is the ideal location. Its strategic port location in the Rhine-Meuse Delta gives it quick access to northern Europe.

Being at the heart of one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, it’s the gateway to the European market of 500 million consumers. Plus, it’s a major logistics hub for global freight flows. Besides having the status as Europe’s largest port, it’s also the sixth busiest port in the world. In 2015, its facilities handled over 12 million TEUs. The port itself has also registered a growth of 13.4% over the past few years.

Rotterdam Port is further strengthened by its strong commitment to innovation. It’s because of this that it’s been able to maintain its status as Europe’s top port. Furthermore, it is constantly improving its services and efficiency. With all that it’s got to offer, it provides shippers plenty of reasons to choose it as the origin or destination port for its shipments.

Reasons to choose Rotterdam Port

  • It has scanners equipped with advanced technology which optimize its inspection process. This reduces the need for Dutch customs to physically open containers, which leads to efficiency.
  • Its customs offices are open 24⁄7, hence reducing delays and cargo holds.
  • It’s currently developing its rail transport to improve its land connections and provide it access to Europe’s hinterlands. That way, it maintains its competitiveness with respect to neighboring Antwerp and Hamburg.

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