Friday Fun Fact #6: The average costs of shipping a bicycle and a can of soda are $10 and $0.01

Friday Fun Fact #6: The average costs of shipping a bicycle and a can of soda are $10 and $0.01

Yep, you read right. Ocean freight is indeed that cheap! Welcome to our sixth Friday Fun Fact, where we blow your mind with fascinating facts about the shipping industry! You’ve since learned that the largest ships can cost over $200 million to construct and that only an astonishing 2% to 10% of containers worldwide are inspected. This week, do allow us to tell you about how cost-friendly it is to send your freight via ships!

Low costs of sending large shipments

Sea transport is the largest carrier of freight through recorded history. Did you know that shipping accounts for 90% of world trade? That should give you an idea of the amount of businesses that opt for ocean freight over air freight. And since doing business is all about achieving the largest profit margin possible, it should come as no surprise that sending large shipments via ships is the most economical option.

It’s easy to find a place on a cargo ship to store your goods. Especially with the emergence of megaships! Additionally, the recent shipping line mergers mean more and more carriers are sharing their onboard slots. And that translates into cost-efficiency. Not to mention that shipping is a greener form of transport than trucks and planes - an added incentive!

Shipping costs to consider

Shipping lines calculate their charges by container rates. The 20-ft and 40-ft containers are the most standard sizes in which to send your cargo. But you must not forget to consider customs inspection fees and possible delay-related charges. When sending your cargo, also keep in mind the possible GRI (General Rate Increases) that may kick in. Planning ahead and having a flexible sail date will help avoid these problems.

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