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iContainers lands in Dominican Republic

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Updated on 10 Jan 2024
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iContainers’ latest expansion efforts have taken it to… the Caribbean! We’re proud to announce our new office in the Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo. This is our second opening in just a matter of five months, following the launch of our Rotterdam office in Netherlands last November.

This is a great way to mark iContainers‘ ten-year anniversary of being in business. Ever since we launched in 2007, our digital platform has aimed to optimize ocean freight search results and manage shipments. Already, we have helped over 5,000 clients save time and money. The Dominican Republic branch is a step forward in iContainers’ plan to be present in all parts of the world. With offices in Barcelona, Miami, and Rotterdam, we are now adding a third continent to our list.

Our new Dominican Republic office allows us to develop our commercial network in the Americas, and more specifically, the Caribbean. Very soon, we’ll be introducing new routes and services targeted at improving the efficiency of shipments to and from central America.

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Why the Dominican Republic?

Business opportunities abound in central and south American markets. Over the past five years, the Dominican Republic market has registered a 7% growth. Thanks to recent growth in mining, tourism, and finance, the Dominican Republic’s economy is one of the most vibrant in the Caribbean. Given its strategic location, it has a strong trade relationship with the Spanish and American markets.

That said, this region is also one of iContainers’ main markets for our Barcelona and Miami offices. As such, we will be focusing on cultivating synergies from this venture.

“In terms of internet use and international trade, the Dominican Republic’s market is very similar to that of the United States. With such potential, it’s a great opportunity for iContainers to expand our door-to-door services among all the markets in which we operate. Our objective at iContainers is to provide a global coverage of our door-to-door services. This is the first of many steps to come involving our expansion to South America.”

– Carlos Hernández, co-founder, iContainers

Dominican Republic quick facts:

  • Dominican Republic imports made up around 63% of total trade in 2015
  • Total value of exports and imports make up over 50% of GDP
  • The country’s 2015 GDP was $68.1 billion – more than double of its 2005 GDP of $34 billion
  • GDP growth for 2016 and 2017 is forecast to reach 5.65% average per year

iContainers in the Dominican Republic

Spring Center Plaza, Office 217

Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo

+1 829 946 04 44

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