Shipping to India: 5 Things to Know

Shipping to India: 5 Things to Know

India is one of the world’s largest maritime countries with more than 7,500 kilometers of coastline. The country’s cargo capacity has grown by more than 600 MMT over the last few years, and it’s expected to continue growing in the coming years.

If you’ve been considering shipping goods to India, now is a great time to start. You might be a little confused about how to ship your products to India and ensure everything gets handled in the correct way, though.

If this is the case for you, keep reading. Everything you need to know about shipping to India is explained down below.

1. Preparation is Key

It doesn’t matter where you’re planning to ship your goods. If you want to ensure everything gets there intact and without any unnecessary obstacles, you need to make sure you’re prepared beforehand.

When preparing to ship goods to India, there are some special steps you’ll need to take, including the following:

  • Know where you’re shipping your goods and make sure you have the correct details regarding your contact at that location
  • Spell the receiver’s name correctly when filling out shipping documents and make sure their address, phone number, and other contact information is correct
  • Make sure all of your goods are packaged correctly
  • Make sure everything is listed on your invoice before you ship your goods out

A little preparation and planning go a long way, especially when you’re shipping items overseas.

2. Customs Clearance

One of the most important shipping documents you’ll need to complete is the customs paperwork associated with your goods. Incorrect or incomplete customs paperwork is a recipe for disaster, no matter how large or small your shipment is.

If you’re working with a professional shipping company, they will likely provide you with all the paperwork you need. Be sure to check that you’ve filled everything out accurately beforehand, though. This will save you from a lot of headaches later on.

3. Prohibited and Restricted Items

Another way to avoid unnecessary and expensive shipping charges and prevent your goods from being held up at customs is to make sure you have a thorough knowledge of which items are prohibited and restricted.

Every country has its own rules about what’s allowed in and what isn’t, and you need to be aware of those rules before you ship anything out.

The following items are prohibited in India:

  • Pornographic or obscene materials
  • Ivory
  • Maps and/or literature that incorrectly show the external boundaries of India

These items are restricted, meaning there are some additional documents and details required for you to ship them:

  • Medications
  • Second-hand electronics
  • Other second-hand goods

4. Rules for Shipping Food

You can ship food to India. However, you have to take special measures when it comes to packaging and getting these items ready to ship, including the following:

  • Food should be in its original packaging
  • The packaging must be sealed
  • The label must list all ingredients in the food
  • The food should have a shelf life of at least six months (starting from the date it’s shipped)

5. Expensive Mistakes to Avoid

If you make certain mistakes during the shipping process, your company could end up losing a lot of money. The following are some of the most common (and costly) mistakes people make when shipping to India:

  • Incorrect spelling
  • Incorrect addresses or contact information
  • Failing to complete the necessary customs paperwork
  • Not working with a professional shipping company

You may think it’s in your best interest to avoid spending extra money working with a shipping company. If you’ve never shipped goods overseas or to a place like India before, it pays to have a professional (or team of professionals) in your corner. They’ll provide you with the help you need to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Start Shipping to India Today

Shipping cargo to India might seem intimidating at first. The benefits definitely outweigh the costs, though, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

If you keep this information in mind and work with the right shipping company, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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