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How to pack for an international move

International Movings
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The importance of proper packing in an international move

One of the most important aspects of an international move is the proper packing of your belongings for the ocean freight journey.

As shipping containers are transported via maritime shipping, the cargo within are often prone to sudden movements, given the rough conditions out at sea. Changes in temperature and humidity are also common. Given that, it’s important to pack your household goods properly and accordingly to minimize the damage they may suffer along the way.

Advice on the proper packing and securing of your goods

  • Boxes used should be of good quality and resistant. Choose strong materials and check that all flaps and corners are intact.
  • Make an inventory list as you pack. Label each box with your name, origin address, and destination country. Number each box as one of its total (e.g. Box #1 of #10). This step is required to be able to fill out your packing list and facilitates the process should your goods face problems at customs clearance such as being tagged for customs inspections.
  • Pack each and every box and package properly. There are different packing material you can use to help, such as bubble wrap, which adds extra protection. You may also want to bubble wrap each item in the boxes for added padding.
  • Line each box with a transparent film/tape to prevent your goods from being damaged by changes in humidity.
  • Put padding on the bottom of the boxes to cushion the weight of heavy objects.
  • Dismantle everything that can be reassembled at destination to reduce the amount of space needed. Bubble wrap each piece for added protection.

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