Pallet sizes for international shipments in North America

Pallet sizes for international shipments in North America

Pallet sizes

Whether you’re sending a shipment via FCL shipping or LCL shipping, you may be required to palletize your shipment.

Before knowing how to fit and pack pallets into your container, it is also important to know the types of pallets and their differences. There are many pallet variations, and depending the type of your merchandise and industry you’re in, you may require a certain type of pallet.

Pallets are usually constructed out of wood, but there are some that are made of plastic, metal or other materials. There is no universal or global pallet standard. Shipping companies and manufacturers around the world use varying pallet sizes. The following overview of the most commonly-used pallets in North America will help you understand the important types, best pallet types, and their differences.

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