Ocean freight shipping to Qingdao

Qingdao, a city in eastern Shandong Province on China’s east coast, is an important industrial center. It ranked among China’s top ten cities in the Chinese Cities Brand Value Report in 2007. It is also home to a major maritime port-making ocean freight to Qingdao an important conduit for any business seeking access to China’s growing market.

Qingdao has developed rapidly over the past decade. In 2006 it saw growth of 18.9 percent when the city’s GDP reached $42.3 billion, ranking first in Shandong Province and 10th among China’s top 20 cities. Qingdao was ranked one of six “golden cities” by the World Bank in the same year.

As one of the China’s premier port cities, Qingdao is a key location for exporters. Learn more about ocean freight to Qingdao.

Information about the Port of Qingdao

The Port of Qingdao is an important hub for international trade and transportation in the West Pacific, and it is one of the world’s largest comprehensive ports. This port, one of the world’s ten busiest, handles more petroleum than any other port in China and more iron than any other port in the world. Managed by Qingdao Port International, it boasts two container terminals as well as a terminal that handles iron ore exclusively. Overall, Qingdao handles more than 440 million tons of cargo each year. The Qingdao port, together with three other Chinese ports in Shandong province, signed a strategic alliance with South Korea’s largest port in 2011; this alliance is aimed at establishing a shipping and logistics center in Northeast Asia.

Alternatives to your ocean freight to Qingdao

Qingdao is one of the main ports in China. There are other ports available for your ocean freight to China including ports such as the Port of Shanghai, Port of Shenzhen, Port of Xiamen, Port of Ningbo, Port of Hongkong, Port of Guangzhou, and Port of Dalian.

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FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to Qingdao

You will have a couple of different options available to you when you are sending merchandise to Qingdao; which one you choose will depend largely on your shipping volume.

You will need to engage a full container load (FCL) for a 20-foot shipping container if your shipment consists of six standard pallets or more. If your shipment is smaller, then a shared container-groupage, or LCL (less-than-container load)-is a cost-effective option. Note that the maximum capacity of a 20-foot shipping container is ten standard pallets, while a 40-foot container can hold 22 standard pallets.

A full container load is also a good choice if your shipment is small but you are concerned about any risk of damage that may be posed by your goods coming into contact with other exporters’ goods.

For smaller shipments for which isolation of goods isn’t a concern, groupage (LCL) is a good choice, as you pay only for the shipping space you require. Check with iContainers for information on rates and other details.

What our ocean freight rates to Qingdao include

If you’d like more information, consult ship container rates for your ocean freight to Qingdao here.