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How to Use iContainers
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After entering your preferred route and cargo and container type (FCL or LCL), the next step will be to compare the different rates and transit times options we have for you. Here, you’ll also get to select services such as pick up and/or delivery, port of origin charges, port of discharge charges, and ocean freight.

Note: This is what you’ll see pre-selected for door-to-door shipments.

Please note that duties and taxes are not included in our rates.

Pick up: This will be pre-selected if you’re shipping door-to-door. For port-to-port shipments, you will be able to select this service to compare the different rates for door-to-door or door-to-port as long as the origin of your shipment is any of the following countries: US, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, China (port of Shanghai), Taiwan, and the UAE.

If you’d like us to arrange for a pick up from a warehouse or from a residential area (for international moves), you will need to provide the zip code of the address from which the goods will be picked up to obtain a new door-to-port rate. The advantage of hiring both trucking and ocean transportation with iContainers is that communication will only be done with one party instead of having to coordinate with several providers at the same time.

iContainers has developed a network of agents worldwide that allow you to get instantly a quote for DAP (Delivery at Place) Incoterm services directly from our website. DAP is an Incoterm where all charges and delivery are prepaid by the seller up to the final location at destination. This excludes the import duties and taxes.

Port of origin and ocean freight: These two services are related since they both deal with the origin charges and ocean freight with the steam shipping line. The charges include Bill of Lading issuance, SOLAS VGM submission, and ocean freight surcharges that need to be prepaid. If origin charges are not selected at this point, they will need to be paid for before vessel arrival at destination. It is highly recommended to select both of them to get a more accurate overall cost of the ocean freight transportation.

Port of discharge: If you select the port of discharge service, you will be prepaying certain carrier and customs destination charges. This leaves the consignee with just the destination duties and taxes payment. Even though this may increase the cost of service, it may be a powerful sales tool. By bearing these destination charges, you’re alleviating certain responsibilities from the consignee, which makes their import process much easier.

Delivery: Delivery services are offered in the countries where we have door-to-door services. This option will be pre-selected if you have chosen a door-to-door shipment. For port-to-port shipments, you may select this option to compare the different rates for door-to-door or port-to-door as long as the shipment destination is any of the following countries: US, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, China, Taiwan, and the UAE.

Once your cargo arrives at the destination port, our agents will contact the consignee to arrange for cargo release and delivery. In order to get an accurate quote, please provide a zip code to which the cargo should be delivered.

If you’re looking for a quote that includes destination charges, delivery services or a door-to-door service in a country that is not listed above, please contact one of our sales specialists for assistance.

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