iContainers' shipping rates

iContainers' shipping rates

With iContainers, you get the most competitive container shipping rates in just a matter of seconds. Regardless of the type of ocean freight shipment you’re sending, we definitely have you covered. This includes FCL shipping, LCL shipping, port-to-port shipping, door-to-door shipping, etc.

Our international shipping rates vary depending on whether it is an import or export shipment. Our rates generally include all the necessary services needed to ship via ocean freight. They exclude transactions needed in the country of destination (for exports) or in the country of origin (for imports).

International shipping rates for exports

Shipments to port of destination

Our exports are door-to-port and they include all necessary services needed to deliver your shipment to the port of destination (CIF or CFR Incoterms conditions). This means that the consignee must bear all the expenses generated at the port of destination (i.e., port charges, customs clearance and delivery of goods).

You may also send your merchandise using the FOB incoterm. In this case, the shipper covers all costs until the goods have been loaded on the ship at the port of origin. The consignee must bear the cost of shipping overseas.

You can quote your door-to-port export shipments. Our prices include all necessary services such as:

International shipping rates for imports

Shipments from port of origin

Our import service works much like our export service, only in reverse. Our import shipments are port-to-door. They include all necessary services from the port of origin (FOB incoterm). This means that the shipper is responsible for placing the goods on the vessel agreed upon between shipper and consignee.

As for the incoterm used, you may under the CIF or CFR incoterm. In these cases, the shipper has to deal with the costs until the goods arrive at the destination port, including shipment overseas, and if desired, the insurance. Under these conditions, the consignee should only take over the expenses incurred at the destination port, customs clearance, and delivery.

Our port-to-door import prices include:

  • Ocean freight costs

  • Cargo unload costs and expenses at the port of destination

  • US import customs clearance

  • Delivery to recipient address

  • Cargo insurance (optional)

Door-to-door shipping rates

If you need to do a door-to-door shipment, please contact us. We provide full door-to-door transport services to/from the following places:

For further information on shipping rates, check out our recent article on fluctuations in shipping rates during 2019!

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