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Ocean Freight to Algiers

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Ocean freight shipping to Algiers

The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is the tenth-largest country in the world, and the largest in Africa and the Arab world. It is located in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. Its capital and most populous city is Algiers. If you’re an exporter, you’ll want access to this large market, and you should explore ocean freight transportation from the US to Algiers.

The city of Algiers, situated on the Mediterranean Sea and in the north-central portion of the country, has a population of over 3.5 million. Algiers is an important economic, commercial and financial center, and is home to a stock exchange with a capitalisation of nearly $70 million.

Algeria is classified as an upper middle income country by the World Bank. Thanks to strong hydrocarbon revenues, the country has a cushion of $173 billion in foreign currency reserves, and a large hydrocarbon stabilization fund. In addition, Algeria’s external debt is extremely low, at about two percent of GDP. If you’re an entrepreneur, make ocean freight transportation from the US to Algiers part of your export strategy.

Information about the Port of Algiers

The Port of Algiers is run by the Entreprise portuaire d’Alger. The port’s location allows it to serve the vast Algerian hinterland, and makes it the country’s premier port. It is well sheltered from winds. There are two harbours, both artificial-the old or northern harbour and the southern or Agha harbour. The northern harbour covers an area of 235 acres. An opening in the south jetty affords an entrance into Agha harbour, constructed in Agha Bay. Agha harbour has also an independent entrance on its southern side. Nearly 90,000 tons of cargo are handled here each month. The port’s container terminal covers nearly 75 acres.

Alternatives to your ocean freight to Algiers

Besides Algiers, there are many other ports available for your ocean freight to Algeria. Other nearby ports you can consider include the Port of Valencia, the Port of Cartagena, and the Port of Algeciras.

Ship container to Valencia

Ship container to Cartagena

Ship container to Algeciras

Full Container Load (FCL) or Groupage (LCL)

If you are shipping a container to Algiers, the size of your shipment will help you determine whether you need a full container load (FCL) or a shared container-groupage (a less-than-container load, or LCL).

We recommend that you choose a full container load (FCL) if you are shipping six or more standard pallets, as this means your shipment will fill more than half of a 20-foot container, which accommodates a maximum of ten standard pallets. A 40-foot container can carry up to 22 standard pallets. We also encourage you to choose FCL if you wish to isolate your goods from those of other exporters.

If you have no need to keep your goods separate, a shared container (LCL)-also called groupage-is a good choice for smaller shipments. It requires you to pay only for the container space you need. Please consult iContainers for rates and other important information.

What our ocean freight rates to Algiers include


For more information, do consult ship container rates for your ocean freight to Algiers here.

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