Shipping containers to Oceania

If you are planning on shipping a container to Oceania via ocean freight iContainers is your best option. Send full (FCL) or shared (LCL or groupage) containers to Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea or other islands in the area at the best prices. Thanks to our online quote generator, in less than 15 seconds you can compare and book without any middlemen.

How much does it cost to ship a container to or from Oceania?

Exporting to Oceania:

NEW YORK - Sydney

From 2,622 $

Los Angeles - Sydney

From 3,474 $

Long Beach - Sydney

From 3,474 $

Miami - Sydney

From 3,848 $

Houston - Sydney

From 5,365 $

This route is the one that transports the most goods to Oceania by sea (in TEUs):

Top trade routes from / to Oceania (TEU shipped) 2013
Route West Bound East Bound North Bound South Bound TOTAL
Australia - Far East 1,072,016 1,851,263 2,923,279

Source: Trade Routes - World Shipping Council

Between Oceania (Australia) and Asia, the most used route offers 34 point-to-point services:

Australasia 34

Source: Drewry Container Forecaster Q1 & Q2 2013

With iContainers, you do not need to contact shipping lines or any middlemen to ship to Oceania. With our online quote generator, get the best rates in less than 15 seconds. Book your shipment and leave the whole process to us.

Which ports in Oceania are specialised in containers?

Of the 100 most important ports for handling containers, 2 are located in Oceania:

59 Melbourne Australia 2554
69 Sydney Ports Australia 2247

Source: Top 100 ports in the world 2014 - World Shipping Council

Necessary documentation for sending containers to Oceania

On the websites dedicated to trade in each country (for example Australia or New Zealand) you will find more information on what steps you must follow and what requirements you must meet when sending containers to Oceania. ICEX also offers country-specific resources for exporting to Oceania.

Check the current Incoterms so that you can choose the most appropriate one for you before booking your goods shipment to Oceania.

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